Introducing Our 2019 “Youth for the SDGs” Scholars


Congratulations to the seven exceptional young scholars that have been awarded our “Youth for the SDGs” Scholarship to join our 100th Global Voyage.  We will be sailing from Ushuaia, Argentina to Valparaiso, Chile, passing through the Patagonia fjords from February 18th to the 28th. Our scholars are joining us from all over the world, including youth from Saint Martin island to New York City to Chile. As the Peace Boat sails from port to port, our scholars will bring their intensive, specialized knowledge of their field in sustainability to the conversations taking place on the boat. The scholars will have the unique opportunity to engage with other academics and activists from around the world, taking part in informative workshops while marveling at the Andes Mountains, glaciers and the green plains of Patagonia.

patagonia picture 9Experiencing the glaciers and mountains in the Southern hemisphere, the scholars will be reminded of the vastness of the ocean and of the land we inhabit. Over these ten days, participants will immerse themselves in the application of the UN Sustainable Development Goals through leading workshops, participating in cross-cultural dialogues, improving their leadership skills, and aiding in the advancement of responsible tourism and peace worldwide.

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 3.32.57 pmThis South American program will empower the scholars to specifically delve into the SDG13 for Climate Action and SDG14 for Life Below Water. We hope this program will enable the young scholars to take what they learn on the Peace Boat and bring it into their communities, empowering other youth to raise their voices for a more sustainable world. Our 100th Anniversary Voyage also celebrates our cooperation with local partners such as the environmental organization CODEFF – National Committee to Protect the Flora and Fauna of Chile to promote the campaign to declare Patagonia as a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. For more information on Peace Boat and CODEFF, please visit their website here :

Learn more about our 2019 Youth for SDGs scholars and their program coordinator below.

14257483_10157567867030294_777450253933390469_o (1)Emilie McGlone has been working with Peace Boat since 2004 and currently is the United Nations liaison and Director of the New York-based office of Peace Boat US, a non-profit organization working to promote peace, sustainable development and respect for the environment through educational programs organized onboard the Peace Boat, a chartered passenger ship that travels the world on peace voyages. Peace Boat holds Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and works in partnership with UN representatives, Nobel Peace Laureates and community leaders from around the world to create opportunities for international cooperation focused on environmental sustainability, cultural awareness and peace education. Emilie works to foster youth education and develops specific programs to learn about important global issues onboard the Peace Boat. Founded in 1983 and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008, Peace Boat has sailed on over 100 global voyages, carrying more than 60,000 people to more than 100 countries. Peace Boat has recently launched a new initiative to build an Ecoship to sail around the world, showcasing green technology and design, while inspiring positive change to radically reduce our carbon footprint. Peace Boat is a committed campaigner for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, sailing with the Global Goals Logo on the hull of the ship. Peace Boat’s Ecoship Project will build the world’s most sustainable passenger ship. A flagship for the SDGs, Ecoship seeks to address ocean acidification with reduced carbon emissions and significantly reduce marine pollution.


Sara Van Eerde holds a Masters degree from the NYU Silver School of Social Work. During her undergraduate career at Muhlenberg College, Sara pursued a Psychology major and a self- designed Gender and Sexuality Studies major. Her focus took a global perspective when she researched machismo in Costa Rica, youth activism and climate change in Germany, and art therapy interventions at an orphanage while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sara is currently living in New York City and works for Global Kids, where she teaches environmental justice through a program called the “Human Rights Activist Project,” leads a “LGBTQ+ and Allies” support group,  and is piloting a new mental health program at a high school in Queens. In her spare time, Sara loves adventurous activities such as flying through the air on aerial silks, rock climbing, hiking, and performing musical improv. Sara is deeply inspired by the work that Peace Boat does and is honored to share her passion and love for the ocean with them.

michaelMichael Valdivieso obtained a BA in international relations and political science (magna cum laude) at Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador (2016), and an MSC in Conflict Studies (Merit) from the London School of Economics in the UK (2018). He has participated in the National Model United Nations  New York from 2013 until 2018 both as delegate and as staff member. Michael previously served as a Public Information intern at UNHCR-Ecuador. He founded an international relations student association at his university in 2014, called Student Committee for International Affairs, where he served as president. He was the editor in chief of “A Different View,” an academic blog published by IAPSS, ending his 18-month mandate in September 2016. Additionally, as of December 2015, he serves as youth representative at a political think tank organized by Participación Ciudadana, one of the largest NGOs in Ecuador. Currently, he is one of the founders of Momentum Novum, a social business based in Germany that promotes sustainable development through advisory, education, and information services.

mareekaMareeka Dookie, born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised on the beautiful sunny island of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin is a creative young professional. She loves to travel, learn about different cultures, learn new languages, and gain worldly experiences. She prides herself on being a life long learner.  As an elementary school teacher, she enjoys working with children as they begin to unlock their knowledge and understanding of their inner powers and their ability to make positive and lasting impacts in the world. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Spanish and a Masters of Teaching from Sacred Heart University in CT, USA. Currently Mareeka is focusing on recovery efforts in the lives of children on the island after the devastation of hurricane Irma on September 6th, 2017. She is working as a Programme Administrative Officer with UNICEF- Nederland  in Sint Maarten. She is beyond grateful for the opportunity to embark on the Peace Boat’s 100th Voyage focusing on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in Patagonia!

silviaSilvia Cantu Bautista is a junior at Middlebury College, majoring in Political Science with a minor in History. She speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Born and raised in Mexico, she has previously lived in Victoria, Canada, where she spent two years of high school at UWC Pearson College. While at UWC, she took a course on Marine Science and conducted research on ocean acidification. She is passionate about Environmental policy and conservation, particularly concerning marine ecosystems. She is a PADI certified Advanced Scuba Diver and an avid photographer interested in climate change photojournalism. She hopes to become an advocate for climate justice and sustainability involved in the drafting and implementation of local and international environmental policy and adaptation plans. She is beyond excited to join PeaceBoat’s 100th voyage from Ushuaia to Valparaiso!

donovaneDonovane Tremor is a 27 year old professional photographer. He grew up as an island child, spending his life between the small island of St. Martin and Guadeloupe. He discovered his passion for photography at a young age, but pursued a Management and Marketing degree in Montreal and Guadeloupe. After graduation, he decided to follow his passion for photography, developing his specialization in landscape and architecture photography.  Most of his professional work focuses on the tourist economy between St. Martin, St. Barts and Anguilla.  He is enthusiastic about travel, specifically when he has the chance to discover new cultures from around the world. He is always ready for a new adventure!


Carol McDonnell Schmidt is a geographer working at CODEFF, the oldest environmental nonprofit organization in Chile. She works specifically with biodiversity, in the IBA (Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas) program, trying to assess the status of birds for a more specific approach at protection initiatives within the context of climate change. Birds are a very important indicator of the health status of an ecosystem, and ecosystem conservation is the goal of her organization.  CODEFF continues to collaborate with Peace Boat to raise awareness about important environmental issues affecting the region and to promote the campaign to declare Patagonia as a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO.  Carol will share her knowledge about the important work that CODEFF is doing to make a positive difference for Climate Action and Ocean Conservation throughout Chile.

hansierHansier Rodriguez is a Dominican-American young man. He spent the first 12 years of his life in his native country, the Dominican Republic, before moving to the United States, where he eventually became a citizen. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Public & Nonprofit Administration with a second concentration in International Affairs at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. Hansier considers himself a change agent and a social justice activist as well as a global citizenship advocate. One of his long-term goals is to become a polyglot. His leadership model is inspired by the following quote, “the most powerful thing a leader can do is to empower others.” Hansier is enthusiastic, resilient, and a resourceful collaborator. His greatest attributes are his integrity and maturity, both of which are surpassed by his desire to succeed and live to his fullest potential. He prides himself on being organized, having an outgoing personality that’s full of energy, and maintaining a positive attitude, all while staying self-reflective. He hopes to continue to innovate his community through the rest of his college and professional career with his determination and perseverance. 

This post was created and published by Maddie Clevenstine and Maria Jdid (interns for Peace Boat US).

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