Youth for the SDGs: Summer Program 2017

A talented group of youth working for the SDGs are joining Peace Boat’s 94th Global Voyage and internship program this summer. They will be participating in a special edition of the  “Peace Education and Sustainable Development Goals in Latin America” educational program.  This two week long summer program is focused on learning about meaningful development experiences and efforts in the Latin American region to maintain peace and sustainability, traveling to Panama, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Through the program, the youth will be participating in lectures, cultural exchanges and presentations related to peace and sustainability onboard the ship, and learning valuable lessons from the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  These youth are also currently participating in the Ocean Conference at the United Nations and will have the opportunity to join the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in July of 2017.



Alexa Atlas

Alexa Atlas is an undergraduate business student at Stony Brook University studying Finance and Accounting. Alexa is an International Relations Scholar for SUNY JFEW with an interest in sustainable investing and global development. After volunteering in Santander Department, an impoverished community of Colombia, she redirected her focus towards directly impacting indigenous communities within Latin America. She hopes that she can gain insight into sustainable practices of the Panama, Nicaragua, and El Salvador and assist in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN through involvement with PeaceBoat US.



Talia Bank

Talia Bank is a sophomore at Bard High School Early College. She is a new intern with Peace Boat U.S. and she is interested in Peace Boat’s promotion of peace around the world. In light of the recent 2016 presidential election, Talia believes that now more than ever, equality, environmental awareness and world peace are goals that need to be recognized and worked towards to create a more equal, safe and healthy world for all. She is also interested in photography and looks forward to using photography and writing to share the significance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals with the world. Talia will be taking part in the annual Peace Boat voyage this coming summer.



Sommer B. Flood

Sommer B. Flood is a recent graduate of Rutgers University-Newark in New Jersey where she majored in Anthropology and Public Administration. Passionate about change through community development and social responsibility, Sommer aims to foster hope, peace and unity in local communities as well as the international community. Before becoming a Peace Boat US intern, she interned with the Sierra House organization under the Neighborhood Improvement Program, and contributed greatly to the success of their 1st Annual Greenwood Street Festival. Sommer has worked on many school projects, such as celebrating Valentine’s Day with the homeless in New Jersey and participating in the development of a cemetery revitalization project in the state. She also lead student volunteers from Essex County College, NJIT, and Rutgers-Newark weekly at the Goodwill Rescue Mission in Newark. Ms. Flood is very interested in many places around the world, has an open mind, and is ready to explore the various cultures, traditions and lifestyles of the world. Connecting with Peace Boat US through a Social Change course in January 2017, she plans to continue to take on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as her own, spread awareness of them, educate herself on the possibilities for change, and advocate for peace. This effort is an extension of her lifelong commitment to being a responsible global citizen. She is very excited to join the June 20th – July 3rd Peace Boat US summer program this year and travel to Panamá, El Salvador and Nicaragua. In August, she will begin her service as an AmeriCorps City Year member working with the youth in the urban schools of Philadelphia. This will give her another opportunity to focus some SDG’s right here in America. The Peace Boat US summer voyage and City Year will bring great change to her life but she is eager to give back to the world as she believes the world has done so much for her. Sommer’s favorite quote, “No man should have more than enough, while others have less than they need.” – Peter Singer



Mina Karimi

Mina Karimi is a Junior majoring in Sustainability at Stony Brook University. As a Sustainability major she explores what the world has to offer. As a global non profit organization Peace Boat US caught her attention. There is much that she wants to learn about the world. Peace Boat US will allow her to gain an understanding of some of these things. This experience will carry on with her in her future endeavors. Mina wants to work with other organizations in the future that work towards protecting all life.



Ga Yeon (Gia) Kim

Gia is an international student from South Korea, going into her senior year at SUNY Albany. She is majoring in Business with a concentration in Finance and Information Technology Management, while also minoring in Spanish. She is in a programming chair of National  Association of Asian American Professionals at SUNY Albany chapter. Her interests include studies of global negotiation within East Asia and Latin America. Gia is passionate about studying different cultures, involving herself in community service, and traveling. She is excited to be involved in Peace Boat US looks forward to learning about Latin American culture.



Cassandra (Cassie) Lieu

Cassandra (Cassie) Lieu is a rising junior at Villanova University and an English major with minors in Gender and Women’s Studies and Writing and Rhetoric and she is very excited to be an intern at Peace Boat. In terms of peace education, her interests lie in gender and racial equality, LGBT rights, and issues of quality education. In a world where people are more connected with one another than ever, she believes it is important to learn about those of different cultures and backgrounds and to embrace these differences. She is joining Peace Boat not only to help make a positive impact on the world, but also to learn about the world we live in, current issues, and its unique people.



Marla Teixeira

Marla Teixeira is a junior Peace and Justice Studies major at Pace University, minoring in Politics, Pre-Law and Business Management. Ms. Teixeira is currently researching nonviolent revolutions and civil disobedience around the world in order to better assist in her fight against the media’s portrayal of women. She is also working with the Center for Anti-Violence Education in New York City, which helps victims of assault learn self-defense tactics. Ms. Teixeira plans to make her career about ending income inequality and making access to health care and quality education both available and affordable to everyone. She’s thrilled to have the opportunity to intern for Peace Boat US this summer since she believes that it is only through sustainable living that we can secure a quality life for future generations.




Briana Whylie

Briana Whylie is an International Business major at Berkeley College. With her interest in solving international issues, Briana participated in the Model United Nations to get in practice. Briana has always showed passion to change lives for the better; and describes herself as dedicated and enthusiastic. Her volunteer work at Peace Boat is a life changing experience to not only help the organization, but to become educated in world issues. Briana carries legacy from her late grandfather Vincent Whylie who helped pass a union law with Richard Nixon in 1970. Briana hopes to make great, yet bigger life changes, like her grandfather.


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