The Ecoship Project

image18_6520.pngSince it was founded over 30 years ago, Peace Boat has carried out 90 global voyages, and our respect and concern for the environment have always been a priority. We believe the need to reduce climate impact and achieve environmental sustainability is more crucial than ever. Peace Boat has been working tirelessly to bring its vision of creating the
world’s most environmentally sustainable cruise ship to fruition.

Screenshot 2016-03-10 14.44.39.jpgIn 2014, Peace Boat met with experts of naval architecture, renewable energy, and biophilic and biomimetic design from all over the world in order to work together to design an Ecoship. The result was a ground- breaking approach to ship design that includes radical energy efficiency and closed material flow that generate a more positive impact on the environment. It is the world’s first 10-mast cruise liner, and its hybrid propulsion cuts CO2 emissions by 40%, setting a new precedent for the shipping industry.

Our staff will be traveling to Miami from March 13-17 for the Seatrade conference, the world’s largest cruise exhibition and global gathering, to present this visionary and exciting project! The Ecoship has tremendous potential to make a vast difference, and we intend to leave the world a little better than when we found it. Learn more about this incredible project and Peace Boat’s efforts to help create a more sustainable future through educational programs, innovative design and thinking, environmentally responsible tourism, and much more here:

This post was created and published by Claire Jolly (Peace Boat US intern)


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