Peace Boat US Winter 2016 Interns

Meet our Intern from NYC iSchool

As an organization that is committed to giving young people the opportunity to learn about global issues and to become actively involved in making a positive difference in the world, Peace Boat US is pleased to announce its new internship collaboration with the NYC iSchool. Located in Manhattan, New York, the NYC iSchool is an innovative high school dedicated to preparing young people for leadership in the 21st century, and to giving students opportunities for meaningful and relevant work. It offers courses that allow students to become well-rounded individuals who are able to engage in discussion about a wide range of topics. The school’s methods and aims are an excellent match to the internship program of Peace Boat US, which provides opportunities to young people for hands-on learning, local and global cooperation, and involvement in our world’s most pressing issues.

Evan Hart

Under the guidance of NYC iSchool teachers Nathan Snyder and William Gibbons, senior Evan Hart recently joined the Peace Boat US intern team. He has a passion for global studies that was fueled by his previous participation in a study abroad program in Vietnam, and he regularly takes the initiative to inform himself about global events.
By joining the Peace Boat US internship program, Evan will be able to participate in United Nations activities, and further develop his passion for international studies. We are looking forward to providing him with skills and experiences that will allow him to continue to flourish as an informed and active member of the world.

To learn more about NYC iSchool click here:

Meet our Interns from Hollins University

Hollins University offers an outstanding internship program for undergraduates of all years. First-year students have the opportunity to intern with a variety of non-profit organizations and companies in the greater Roanoke area, while sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to apply for the university’s Signature Internship program. Hollins’ Signature Internship program gives students the opportunity to work with non-profit organizations and  companies in New York, DC, and many other large metropolitan areas. While taking part in these internships, students grow their knowledge in fields that interest them, simultaneously building their resumes for work related advancements after graduation. Peace Boat US’s collaboration with Hollins University can be attributed to Communication Studies Professor Vladimir Bratic, who took part on the Peace Boat years ago as a guest speaker.

To learn more about Hollins University click here:

Ellesse Goodwin

Ellesse Goodwin is an intern visiting Manhattan, New York from Hollins University, located in Roanoke, Virginia. As a junior at Hollins, she is very excited and thankful foimage3r the opportunity to intern with the Peace Boat US. Ms. Goodwin is majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing and minoring in Psychology; she is also a member of Hollins University’s Batten Leadership Program. She hopes that her writing skills and aptitude for creativity will enable her to help the Peace Boat US with writing grants, as well as creating website and pamphlet designs. Ms. Goodwin is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of global issues and sustainability during her time spent interning for the Peace Boat US. Ms. Goodwin will be studying abroad in Paris, France for her Spring 2016 semester at Hollins University. She aims to join the Peace Corps upon graduation in the fall of 2017.

Faiza Khanim

Faiza Khanim, a sophomore, is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Political Science at Hollins University. Since she originates from Pakistan, she has been exposed to a wide variety of adversity, being that it is a developing country. This exposure led Faiza to FKindexdevelop an interest in helping to promote peace and to advocate for children in Northern Pakistan who are unable to afford, or attend, school. Her previous and current involvement in on-campus clubs and activities, such as A.C.C.E.N.T.j(Hollins University’s international club), sparked her interest in communicating with people from different walks and cultures of life. During her internship at Peace Boat US, she hopes to strengthen her current understanding of global socioeconomic issues and to better learn how to facilitate difficult conversations between people of various backgrounds. In the future, she hopes to accompany Peace Boat US on one of their voyages.


Meet our Intern from the University of Edinburgh

Tara Richards

 Tara Richards is a recent graduate of the University of Edinburgh where she completed a master’s degree in International Development. Before joining Peace Boat US she completed an internship with the Small Island Developing States Unit aTaraindext the United Nations. Having had professional development experience in the context of sustainable development, she hopes to contribute to the organization’s work by integrating the Global Goals into the development of Peace Boat programs, which support grassroots initiatives and contribute to sustainable local development. Tara is enthusiastic about joining Peace Boat US and learning more about the role of civil society in peace building, especially through research of exchange program themes used in ports of call.

To learn more about the University of Edinburgh’s website click here:




This post was created and published by Ellesse Goodwin (Intern for the Peace Boat US)



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