Model Tonya Pittman Partners With Peace Boat US on Sustainability Project

Tonya Pittman, a member of the non-profit organization Universal Models for Peace, played a key role in Peace Boat US’ “Sailing for Social Innovation” program, which took place in October of this year during the Latin American segment of Peace Boat’s 88th Global Voyage for the Peace. Universal Models for Peace is a network of fashion and media experts who work tirelessly to help generate models of sustainable solutions to both current local and global issues.


Tonya Pittman, center, joined Peace Boat US in helping to support a Kuna indigenous community in Panama in 2015

Throughout her journey with Peace Boat, Ms. Pittman worked on different projects, including the construction of walkways and latrines for an indigenous community in Panama, a project she helped make possible through organizing fundraising events in New York City. She reported that it warmed her heart to see firsthand how Peace Boat is helping communities, and affirmed the importance of increasing efforts toward sustainability. Traveling by ship with a diverse group of people who are striving for the global good also opened her eyes to a whole new way of traveling, she said.

Tonya 2

Not only did Ms. Pittman help raise funds to help a Kuna community build latrines and safe walkways, she participated directly in the construction work

Currently, Ms. Pittman is actively involved in communities in Brooklyn, and is passionate about assisting communities while expressing herself through fashion and other outlets of art. She encourages others to participate in study abroad programs, noting that it increases global unity and goodwill. She also strongly urges young women to develop their skills and expand their perspectives through programs such as those offered by Peace Boat, which focus on areas such as sustainable development, disarmament, gender studies, and conflict resolution.


In Mexico, Ms. Pittman helped paint a mural highlighting ocean conservation as part of Peace Boat US’ Sailing for Social Innovation project to raise awareness about the United Nations  17 Global Goals for Sustainability.

mexico mural

mexico boat
To hear Ms. Pittman speak directly about her experiences with Peace Boat, visit

Watch the interview on YouTube: 

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 11.53.17 AM (2)

More about our partners at Universal Models for Peace : 
Universal Models for Peace is a non-profit organization made up of a network of fashion and media experts working together to help generate models of sustainable solutions to current local and global issues. By bridging efforts and creating partnerships from the world of both art and commerce UMP uses its vast network of leaders in fashion, music, film and finance to help to highlight efforts of organizations, companies, and individuals committed to creating partnerships which honor the Global Compact and the realization of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals and the post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.




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