Meet Our Fall Interns for 2015

Camille Nadon-TasseCamille Nadon-Tassé

Camille is currently a junior at Drew University, where she’s majoring in Business. Having lived in different countries across the globe since
the age of six, Camille fell in love with traveling and discovering new cultures since a very young age. She decided to join Peace Boat to witness how civil society organizations and the United Nations are able to work towards a common goal. Camille is very interested in learning how Peace Boat creates a culture of peace through its social media, and how the organization is able to bring people from                                    different cultures together to work towards a better and just world.

Adriana MoraAdriana Mora
Adriana Mora recently graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with a Master Degree in Business and Institutional Communication Management. Originally from Bucaramanga, Colombia, Adriana just moved to NYC from Houston, TX where she spent the last year. Traveling and writing are her biggest tools to work on humanitarian causes, which she is very passionate about. Adriana is delighted to join Peace Boat during the fall and she hopes to contribute to the organization’s work with her experience in                                               communications and her fluency in Spanish.

Danielle Gutierrez-LeyvaDanielle Sierra
Danielle’s passion for international relations and human rights comes from her father, who helped and protected a homeless girl that used to live on the street. This experience in the life of Danielle made her realize that she wanted to work towards protecting children’s rights. she decided to join Peace Boat to be able to ensure that children all over the world are being provided with a safe and healthy environment. Also to learn more about international standards that protect children’s rights at the United Nations meetings she will be                                       able to attend during her time at Peace Boat.

Shalini SinghShalini Singh
Shalini is an undergraduate student studying Civil Engineering at NYU. This field had led her to pursue a focus on global sustainability and creating thriving urban hubs against the threats of nuclear arms, while promoting environmental responsibility. Shalini is very enthusiastic about joining Peace Boat and help raise awareness of the importance of abolishing nuclear weapons and work towards a more sustainable world.

Luisa Ramirez MontoyaLuisa Ramirez
Luisa is an incoming college freshman from Colombia, who is very passionate about human rights and photography. Luisa decided to join Peace Boat because of her especial interest in the topic of responsible travel. She believes it is a very genuine way of getting people involved in humanitarian efforts. During the fall she will have the opportunity to work on our programs to learn more of how Peace Boats gets people involved to join the boat for a good cause.

Lorena PierresLorena Pierres Castro
Lorena is thrilled to join Peace Boat because she feels disappointed about the ways in which mainstream media deals with conflict. Lorena is eager to contribute to real communication for peace during her time at Peace Boat. She truly believes that journalism can be a very powerful tool to promote social change in many regions in the world.


Travis AndreuTravis Andreu
Travis was an administrative health care professional; he decided to join Peace Boat’s team because of his interest in peacekeeping operations, security issues, and humanitarian projects. During his time at Peace Boat, he looks forward to understanding the larger scope of the UN’s peacekeeping efforts in the world by attending events related to this topic.

Lynn Fu
Lynn Fu
Lynn was born and raised and Shanghai, and she’s currently doing a master program in Arts Administration at Columbia University. She is very passionate about rethinking/ shaping the role that arts and culture can play in terms of different social agendas, such as peace building, disaster relief, etc. She is very excited to join the Peace Boat team for the fall semester and work towards the promotion of the arts through the preparation of our programs in the ports of call.


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