United Nations Initiative #sharehumanity and a Story of Syrian Survival

Thair 2
Just a week before the United Nations and World Humanitarian Organization’s ‪#‎sharehumanity‬ campaign was launched, Peace Boat US staff had the honor to meet Sara Bergamaschi who shared her personal story about helping a Syran refugee named Thair Orfahi to share his testimony through the #sharehumanity campaign.

thair 1

Thair is a young Syrian lawyer who had to flee his country along with millions of others in Syria. Thanks to the global #sharehumanity campaign, Thair’s story, one of many refugees’ stories, has reached millions of readers on social media around the world. The #sharehumanity campaign, which calls those who are digitally connected to donate their account to those who remain voiceless, received publicity world-wide and Thair’s chronicled long journey of survival from Damascus to Berlin was shared via social media and through Twitter accounts from famous actors and artists such as singer and songwriter Cody Simpson, who has around 7.5 million followers.

2 minute clip of Thair’s journey from Syria to Europe for the #UN 2015 World Humanitarian Day campaign #ShareHumanity

Simpson is one of several celebrities who have been “donating” their Twitter feed and Facebook walls to aid workers and refugees in sharing their personal stories with the world. Other big names on social media taking part in the #sharehumanity campaign are former X Factor winner Leona Lewis and Virgin boss Richard Branson.

This brilliant campaign was launched in the lead up to World humanitarian Day on August 19th with an aim to share the reality of those in dire need around the world and it continues to share compelling stories of people from countries across the globe. Raising awareness is the first step in driving action and today, an online community can make the difference by using social media to tell people about the issues that need positive action in order to make a difference in the world we live in. With more than 51 million people forcibly displaced in the world, humanitarian needs are growing and people working to make a difference are needed more than ever; let this campaign to be an opportunity to reconnect ourselves with the spirit and values of humanitarianism. To find out more about #sharehumanity campaign and how to donate your feed please visit http://www.worldhumanitarianday.org

This post was created and published by Hanka Gojacic ( Peace Boat US Interns)


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