International Youth Day at the United Nations


On August 12th, Peace Boat US attended the International Youth Day event at the United Nations. A side event, organized by Sally Kader, an activist and president of the US Federation for Middle East (USMPEP), opened the event by emphasizing the importance of youth involvement in issues such as war, violence, gender inequality, and religion.


Through an intercultural dialogue aspiring young speakers addressed their initiatives to bring peace and positive change in the world by the engagement of youth. The event brought together youth with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds who all shared one thing in common – a hope for peace.

Among the participants were Iman Qazi Qayyoom, a Muslim youth who spoke about Islam’s belief of peace, and the need to end violent extremist groups. Other speakers included a Hindu youth who spoke about Hinduism’s love for peace, and a nineteen-years-old Jewish youth who argued that religious barriers can be broken down by the involvement of young people through mutual understanding.The dialogue among the diverse participants created a motivational and encouraging atmosphere and the event was concluded with a statement to reinforce the common goals of youth involvement and their activism to bring peace and harmony in the world.

The youth at Peace Boat US were delighted to attend this inspirational event and are looking forward to more events regarding youth empowerment.

This post was created and published by Bromine Rani and Hanka Gojacic (Peace Boat US Interns)


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