“The Social NGO”

Last week, on Thursday June 11th, the interns of Peace Boat US attended a DPI/NGO workshop at the ECOSOC chamber in the UN. The facilitator of the workshop was Caroline Avakian who spoke about the troubles NGOs can experience with social media.

The aim of the workshop was to support the NGOs in exploring new and innovative communication platforms to further their work and have an impact in the global arena. Caroline highlighted the importance of knowing your audience, analyzing the process, working together and saying thank you to the people that contributes to the organization.

She introduced the “POST Method – People, Objectives, Social Strategies and Tools”, which is a designated plan to use social media to support crowd-funding initiatives. The planning and strategies behind raising funds online can determine the failure or success of any project. It is important to identify results, use metrics and create short-term goals to be able to analyze the process and meet fundraising goals for non-profits organizations.

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