Meet Galo Akun, music producer and educator joining us on the Peace Boat this summer

galo_akun_mapa_profileBorn and raised in Chile, Galo has loved music since taking piano lessons with his grandmother. Starting out as a punk guitarist, he soon discovered other genres, including experimental electronic music. His DJ career began with spinning progressive house, but once exposed to the booming Minimal scene in Chile, he soon found a deep love for those experimental sounds. From there, he started getting involved with different electronic musicians to develop his musical style. Moving to New York City in 2003, he brought that style even further, expanding his track base on programs like Logic, Cubase, and Korg. Collecting glitch sounds, he combines synths with his tracks during live performances. Today he is mostly playing live sets using Lemur, constantly updating his setup to include the freshest technologies, and making use of surround sound so that people can feel his music in space. Inspired by the ambiance of the big city as compared to the nature of his home country, Galo continues to produce out of appreciation for underground vibes. He says, “Our lives are dominated by frequencies, so it’s wonderful when you can make art out of it. As a professional music producer and special MAPA guest, Galo will be participating in the program as a project leader. He will work together with a student from WORLD UP! to create a soundtrack for a documentary on indigenous culture.


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