Meet Zion Rivera, youth filmmaker from Downtown Community Television joining us on the Peace Boat this summer

IMG_4928Zion is a 19 years old junior filmmaker and a Pro-TV Fellow from Brownsville, Brooklyn. He started making films in tenth grade after being introduced to DCTV by his girlfriend. Before becoming a Pro-TV fellow himself, he would watch what other fellows were doing while learning at the same time.

Zion is a creative filmmaker who is driven to create by his need to do something different. He keeps an open mind taking advice from others, allowing him to film differently and take inspiration from anywhere. He uses his filmmaking to illuminate concerning issues within his community. Zion is excited to learn about others’ world-views, and experience different cultures during his voyage on the Peace Boat.

Zion is also looking forward to the challenge of overcoming the language barrier using the Spanish he learned in school and to understanding how certain things such as friendship can transcend language and cultural barriers, since the majority of participants onboard may not speak English. During the voyage, Zion will be filming a documentary on indigenous culture.


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