Meet Unique Waters, Brooklyn Community Arts and Music High School student and World Up participant joining us on the Peace Boat this summer

IMG_4935Unique Waters is a 16-year-old Brooklyn native. He currently attends the Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School (BCAM) in Bedstuy, where he will begin his senior year this fall.

During the fall semester of 2013, Unique participated in an after-school program led by the Brooklyn-based non-profit organized called World Up. World Up, founded in 2004, uses hip-hop and music to educate young people on social issues. Since 2012, World Up has partnered with BCAM to offer students the opportunity to explore issues important to them through the medium of music and music making. Students created an independent album from scratch. They chose which topics to discuss and write song lyrics about, created beats using Ableton Live, and recorded their tracks in a professional recording studio. By February 2014, Unique, along with 10 of his BCAM peers, created “Truth Is…” an 8-track EP. Listen to their album for free here:

Unique is excited to collaborate with musicians and producers on board the Peace Boat to work on a soundtrack that will accompany a student film documenting the Music and Art Peace Academy this summer. His upbeat personality will be a great addition to the Peace Boat, and he is excited to serve as a role model for other young aspiring musicians such as himself. Check out his YouTube page to see his talent:



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