Peace Boat Joined The Event “Human Rights in the OWG’s Zero Draft: Maintaining Human Rights Momentum for a People-centred Post-2015 Agenda”

On Tuesday, June 17, Peace Boat US attended the side event, “Human Rights in the OWG’s Zero Draft: Maintaining Human Rights Momentum for a People-centred Post-2015 Agenda” on the Open Working Group (OWG-12) at the United Nations. It was hosted by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Three panelists discussed the human rights aspects of the Post 2015 agenda, which aims to help shape the future development agenda that will build on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) after 2015 and how important it is in maintaining the human rights momentum. These aspects are important for ensuring the post-2015 development agenda be universal, people-centred, equitable and truly sustainable.


Ignacio Saiz, Executive Director of the Center for Economic and Social Rights, pointed out that there has been both a real momentum and a struggle for human rights. The main objective is to create a just and prosperous world where all people realize their rights to food, education, health, water, justice and so on. Although the current process involving MDGs has included over 2 million people working on these issues, there is an inadequate attention to economic inequality and the need to work on reducing the inequalities between nations.

Bhumika Muchhala, Senior Policy Analyst at Third World Network, stated that there is an important connection between local and global partnerships for sustainable development.

Alexandra Garita, President at EQUIS, Justice for Women, highlighted the needs for improving women’s rights, which include the equal access to jobs as men and the ability to choose when and whom to marry and when to have children. She also mentioned the problem of the lack of sexual education for adolescent girls that causing higher rates of early pregnancies and STDs. For more information, please visit: Women’s Major Group


To end the discussion, panelists emphasized that maintaining human rights momentum is essential for a just and equal world. Although MDGs do not address all aspects of human rights, the momentum has a possibility to improve the quality of people’s lives. There has been progress but more efforts are needed to achieve the MDGs.

This post was written by Remi Takahashi (Intern from Peace Boat US)


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